Ender’s Game

It is 2086. Fifty years ago the earth was attacked by the Formics, an ant-like alien species. They wiped out a significant part of the Earth’s population before being stopped kamikaze-style by the legendary human pilot Mazer Rackham. Though the Formics have not returned, an attack is still feared. Hence, the people of Earth need to be battle ready: they need a new Mazer Rackham.

Thor: The Dark World

2011’s Thor was a welcome addition to the superhero movie genre. Some characters from that first movie, Thor and Loki, also appeared in The Avengers: a decent superhero ensemble flick in its own right. Now there is this follow up movie which focuses solely on Thor again. Drawing inspiration from the original Marvel comic, Thor:… [Continue Reading]

The Lone Ranger

I was (involuntarily) exposed to the first trailer of The Lone Ranger multiple times – prior to other movie showings – and was not particularly impressed. The prospect of Johnny Depp as a kind of Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) in the desert did not seem at all appealing. Regarding the Pirates movies: as… [Continue Reading]