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Some people put their things in a pile, for example clothes. When they need something they search through that unorganized pile. That approach makes me cringe. I like my things to be organized, whether it comes...


Run-Length Encoding

A brief look into run-length encoding, one of the data compression techniques that is easiest to understand, and permeates many modern applications.



The Magic of the P2000T

A brief overview of the origins, history and fate of the Philips P2000T computer, as well as my experiences with this fantastic icon of the eighties.


What Westworld and The Thing Have in Common

A brief exploration and analysis of the thematic intersection between the movie The Thing and the television series Westworld


Fresh Paint

Every once in a while it’s time for a site to renew its look and feel a bit. So, first I spent some time choosing a new theme. However, while many of them had nice elements,...


The Dysfunctional Team VII: Epilogue & Conclusion

In this concluding reflective part we take a look at the final breaths of the team, as well as a more in-depth treatment of the theory underpinning the series of articles.


The Dysfunctional Team VI: Results

The team starts to miss another deadline. There seems to be little left a common spirit. More people start to balance what they put in versus what they get out.


The Dysfunctional Team V: Accountability

As the situation in the team fails to improve, poor behavior amplifies and people start to disengage and draw their own conclusions.


The Dysfunctional Team IV: Commitment

The youngest team member, who is already having a hard time, is caught in the crossfire of two senior colleagues. The team has a hard time finding common ground amidst all the ambiguity.


The Dysfunctional Team III: Conflict

As the team grows further apart things start to boil under the surface, conflict is avoided and artificial harmony ensues.


The Dysfunctional Team II: Safety & Trust

Tension rise and grudges form in team phoenix as they need to start working together more closely and planning their project.


The Dysfunctional Team I: Introduction & The Kick-off

In this first post in a series that covers a fictional struggling software development team we meet the team as they kick-off a new project.