Query-Based Sampling using Snippets

Query-Based Sampling using SnippetsTigelaar, A. S. & Hiemstra, D.In Proceedings of LSDS-IR 2010, Geneva, Switzerland (pp. 9-14). View in Repository Abstract Query-based sampling is a commonly used approach to model the content of servers. Conventionally, queries are sent to a server and the documents in the search results returned are downloaded in full as representation… [Continue Reading]

Bertold van Voorst: Cluster-based Collection Selection in Uncooperative Distributed Information Retrieval

Cluster-based Collection Selection in Uncooperative Distributed Information Retrievalby Bertold van Voorst View in Repository Abstract The focus of this research is collection selection for distributed information retrieval. The collection descriptions that are necessary for selecting the most relevant collections are often created from information gathered by random sampling. Collection selection based on an incomplete index… [Continue Reading]

Automatic Summarisation of Discussion Fora

Automatic Summarisation of Discussion ForaTigelaar, A. S. & Akker, R. op den & Hiemstra, D.Natural Language Engineering Volume 16, Issue 2, 2010, ISSN 1351-3249, (pp. 161-192). View at Cambridge Journals On-LineView in Repository Abstract Web-based discussion fora proliferate on the Internet. These fora consist of threads about specific matters. Existing forum search facilities provide an… [Continue Reading]