Passwords and Security

After a long journey he was nearly there. In the distance there was the outline of the city wall. Moments later he approached the city gate.“Halt!”, shouted a heavily armed guard.He had grown used to this ritual, so he went through the motions.“What is the pass word?”, the guard asked.He spoke the phrase he had… [Continue Reading]

Renewed Keyboard Joy: Dvorak

Typing: you do it every day nearly unconsciously. You think of what you want to appear on the screen. This is followed by some rattling sound and the next instant it is there. The blinking cursor stares at you as to encourage you to keep going. Handwriting feels mostly like a thing of the past since typing is so much faster for you, likely up to two or three times. So, what would it be like if you were stripped from this ‘magical’ ability to type?

The Origins of Copyright

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The most profound characteristic of the networked era we live in today is that ‘ordinary’ people can easily create and distribute their own content. This direct form of broadcasting eliminates the need for a slew of middlemen, moderation and the accompanying politics. However, there is one thing that protects every creative expression: copyright.