New Lands – Part II

A while ago I directed Part II of New Lands, a production of Bart Media Designs. After some good post production work by Bart, I am happy to share the final result of a no-budget team effort on a very cold shooting day. Sit back, relax and enjoy New Lands Part II.

Thanks to Bart, Martijn, Nick, Anja, Marjolijn and Kai.

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New Lands I


I had some great fun recently co-directing and shooting the first installment of the “New Lands” shorts with a small crew. New Lands is produced by Bart Media Designs. Check out the resulting video below.

And, of course, a ‘behind the scenes’:

Thanks to Bart, Martijn, Nick, Sofie and Jaco!

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The Pet Detective

Turn on your speakers or headphones – although this is a silent movie, some of the audio is essential – then sit back and watch it:

This video is the result of a collaboration among many people, see the ending credits for details. A brief history: during the first CMU Filmmaking Club meeting a representative of every group had to draw a random profession from a bag as well as a prop. The profession we picked was “coroner” and our prop was a set of “dog bones”. Admittedly, we stretched the profession a bit when developing our story 🙂 The entire thing had to be without any dialogue, the end result would have to be a silent movie.

The excellent initial script created by our writer was a lot more ambitious than what we ended up actually filming. Nevertheless, it was interesting to cut back so that we could complete this in the short time frame alloted. We had a lot of fun making this together. Special thanks goes to the CMU Filmmaking club for their guidance and the CFA Cluster for providing equipment.

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