Advogato #24

Wrote very little code this day, but I’ve put considerable amount of effort into Gnumeric for the past two weeks or so (largely thanks to GUADEC which was really helpful in numerous ways). Adding features, polishing things. I’ve had lots of fun hacking, this is mainly due to the other crowd of hackers working on… [Continue Reading]

Advogato #23

Was at Guadec last weekend. Quite kewl, met Jody, Jon Kare, Kenneth, Dom and a bunch of other people :-). My brother and I drove to Copenhagen together, a pretty long ride. I’ve done some Gnumeric hacking this weekend, improving the parser error messages and several design related corrections. Several other Gnumeric hackers are working on some impressive features. We… [Continue Reading]

Advogato #22

Jody is off on vacation to Rome so I did some maintainance of the bugs for Gnumeric today and tackled a couple of feature requests. I also mailed the Free Software Directory some updates for the entry for Gnumeric. The people working on it are really nice and friendly and do a good job IMHO… [Continue Reading]