Advogato #27

Just had an exam week, finally it’s over 🙂 The consolidation went in about one and a half week ago. Input Validation is still under review. Jody is going to release next weekend, some issues have been fixed and the new release will contain some exciting new things like better recalc performance (by Jody) and… [Continue Reading]

Advogato #26

I’ve cleaned up the STF a little. It’s looking better now, I hope I can move it forward. Consolidaton and Input Validation are still in Jody’s patch-review queue so I’ll have to wait a while with those. Anyway, Exam week coming up so I probably won’t have all that much time to code. New PC… [Continue Reading]

Advogato #25

Oh yeah, I ordered a new PC, an AMD Athlon 1200. I hope Gnumeric will compile a lot faster on it (currently have a PII400). Mainly hacked on Input Validation. It isn’t quite where I want it yet, but it’s beginning to show promise. Also, Consolidation is solidifying I am considering sending a CVS-proposal patch… [Continue Reading]