Advogato #30

Since it has been over half a year since I wrote my last entry I figured it’d be time to write one again. 🙂 I did do some development on Gnumeric in October ~ November, but after that I got sucked into the development of a school project (which needed to be finished in time)…. [Continue Reading]

Advogato #29

So, it has been far too long since I last wrote an entry here. To cut a long, boring story short : I temporarily suspended (since say August) doing any hacking, lots of things happened between now and then. One of the the good things that happened is, I bought a laptop, which I use… [Continue Reading]

Advogato #28

Dropped the Input Validation, even though the patch was ready it just didn’t look right. Working on getting it right by starting from scratch with a different approach. There’s work being done on Panes which already look quite good although it isn’t finished yet. I returned the damaged PC and got my money back.