Almer S. Tigelaar

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Hi, I am Almer. I have a background in applied software development and computer science research. My innate curiosity drives me to learn and discover things, which I share on this blog.

This blog covers a wide range of topics, some recurring themes are computer science, movies and media, planning and motivation, as well as working in teams, abstract topics to stimulate your mind, and personal quests.

I enjoy relaxing with friends, playing on my piano (click to listen), reading books and watching various media. Also: I like to contemplate and communicate my insights to others by writing. My hope is that this blog is valuable to you in an informational, persuasive or entertaining way.

Here are three featured suggestions to get you started:

1. Read about the perception of time in Chronoception.
2. Listen to my recording of Einaudi’s Dietro Casa.
3. Learn about how I switched to the Dvorak Keyboard Layout.

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— Almer S. Tigelaar

P. S. The views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinion or endorsement of any entity that I am affiliated with currently or have been in the past.