I like learning about the world around me, and enjoy acquiring a broad range of skills. My professional background is primarily in software development and computer science research. However, that is only a small part of my life.

I like to spend time with friends, relax during a sunny afternoon and slip away in a daydream. When I hear a catchy tune, I try to play it on my piano, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. Attending parties and festivals is a mainstay as well, as is watching a movie while trying to uncover its subtle underlying messages.

It doesn’t end there: playing around with gadgets, being drawn into the story of a book, shooting and editing film to share with others. I could continue indefinitely, but perhaps the best thing for you to find out what captivates me is following my blog. Since most of all, I like to contemplate and communicate my insights to others.

– Almer S. Tigelaar