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Potato Slices with Bell Peppers and Mozzarella

In the grand tradition of using the lone ingredients inside and around my fridge, here is yet another quick, 20 minute, recipe to satisfy your appetite.

You will need: a stir-fry pan, some olive oil, 4 potatoes, a green bell pepper, a mozzarella ball, a red onion, 50g of vegetarian ‘wok pieces’ or spiced tofu dice, pepper & salt, 100ml chili dip sauce and two spoons of ketjap.

Instructions: First peel the potatoes and then cut them into thin slices, then cut the bell pepper into strips, the mozzarella into slices and the red onion into rings. Next, add some oil to the stir-fry pan, and heat it. Then first stir-fry the red onion rings for two minutes and put them on a plate, next stir-fry the green bell pepper strips together with some ketjap for four minutes and put them on the plate with the onion rings. Briefly rinse the pan and add some new oil, then stir-fry the potato slices. Regularly turn the slices using a fork and spatula, this takes a bit more effort, but gets them into a nice gold-brown and crisp state. When that is nearly finished, after about eight minutes or so, add some salt and pepper and shift the slices to the outside of the stir-fry pan. Then add the tofu or wok pieces to the pan in the empty, and sizzling hot, middle. After five minutes, add the chili dip sauce and keep stirring for about a minute or two. Finally, add the contents of the plate: the onion and the bell pepper strips, and then add the slices of mozzarella. Keep stir-frying until the mozzarella cheese becomes wiry. Empty the pan onto the plate, and you are done!

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