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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

After a five year hiatus Ethan Hunt is back on the big screen familiarly portrayed by Tom Cruise. Director Brad Bird is perhaps best known for his considerably successful animation films, like The Incredibles and Ratatouille. This affinity with animation is clearly visible in for example the title sequence of Ghost Protocol. But is it any good after that?

Mission Impossible starts with Ethan Hunt being broken out of a Russian prison by former IMF team members. It is immediately apparent during this sequence that the movie leans considerably on funny moments as well as pure action. The main villain Hendricks and his objectives quickly become crystal clear, and naturally Hunt has to stop him. However, he and his team lose support of the IMF after they fail to stop Hendricks at the Kremlin. This is when the ‘Ghost Protocol’ becomes active and the team goes underground to chase down Hendricks and stop him from unleashing a devastating nuclear war. So far nothing that we haven’t seen before. However, especially with a fairly predictable and straightforward plot, it can be hard to get the rest right.

Luckily Ghost Protocol is extremely well paced with enough variation to continually command attention. Simon Pegg delivers a good supporting role as the light-hearted Benji, providing all kinds of cool technical gadgets that would make even James Bond’s Q jealous. Jeremy Renner’s character also makes for a good companion to Cruise’s lead. Spectacular views and excellent cinematography make Mission Impossible IV a visual treat. If there’s any criticism: the movie sometimes tends to overplay its comical hand, for example in some of the scenes situated in India.

Mission Impossible IV is over-the-top, and not particularly deep or original. Nevertheless, the filmmakers have managed to create a light and humorous action flick with good technical execution: a treat for any movie goer. Recommended!


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