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X-Men: First Class

When the first X-Men movie came out in 2000 it stood out particularly because of its intelligent, character driven style. This was not so common in those days as critically panned movies, like Batman & Robin, seemed to mock the superhero genre, rather than making a worthy contribution to it. The trend set by X-Men was nicely followed by other movies in the superhero genre, like Spider-Man and Batman Begins. No longer were these filled with cardboard characters, no: these were people that we could actually care about. Director Bryan Singer managed to raise the bar even higher in the second X-Men movie. However, the third instalment in the series, and the movie dedicated to Wolverine, both made without Singer’s involvement, were less well received.

Luckily Bryan Singer was attracted as a producer for X-Men: First Class, and this undoubtedly has had some positive influence on the development of the movie. Although the CGI-heavy trailer might have you believe otherwise, it is a good cast, realistic characters, and a strong believable backstory that make this one of the best X-Men movies yet. Recommended, even if you don’t particularly like ‘superhero’ movies.


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Official Trailer – Copyright © 2011 Marvel Studios
Excellent fan-made introduction animation video
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