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The Hangover Part II

As the name implies, this is the follow-up to 2009’s surprise hit movie The Hangover. The creators kept predominantly the same cast of main characters as the original, which really is a good choice. I admit I am impressed by Bradley Cooper’s recent work particularly in Limitless and to a lesser extent in The A-Team. Unfortunately, the creators of the Hangover recycled nearly the same format as used for its predecessor, which is a bad choice and leads me to the main point of criticism: the movie fails to surprise. The sequence of photos, revealing what really happened during the night out, shown at the end of the movie, got the most laughs of the audience, which is not a good sign: this is supposed to be an entertaining movie after all, and not a funny slide show :).

The first half is slowly paced and contains relatively sparsely placed jokes. There are a couple of laughs, although too much of these are already revealed in the trailer. The second half has more energy and seems somewhat better developed. Although, both Ed Helms, known from The Office, and Bradley Cooper deliver a solid performance, it is Zach Galifianakis as Alan that really steals the show with well-timed jokes, over the top bluntness and double interpretations.

Even though I liked the first movie, I felt it was somewhat overrated, perhaps this was because of its, then novel, storytelling. As far as this follow up movie is concerned: Even though it is entertaining, I can not shake the feeling that it was developed solely for cashing in on the first part’s success. Understandable perhaps from a commercial point of view, but a disappointment for movie goers.


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