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Advogato #29

So, it has been far too long since I last wrote an entry here. To cut a long, boring story short : I temporarily suspended (since say August) doing any hacking, lots of things happened between now and then. One of the the good things that happened is, I bought a laptop, which I use now to do most of my hacking.

I am picking up Gnumeric hacking again, finally got around to implementing validation solidly (after redoing it a couple of times). There’s a nice low-level framework and the UI is present and integrated in the format dialog (which I believe makes Jody happy), just need to glue them together.

It seems that the rest of the team (especially Jody and also Jon Trowbridge) have been very actively working on getting graphs done and usable for the masses, which is a very good thing (absolutely the most wanted feature). Jody is anxious to get 0.72 out which should fit well onto the most recent Guppi release. People will be able to play with graphs and find bugs.

Hopefully we’ll have a solid 1.0+ release before the end of this year. I hope I can get in both validation and conditional formatting before that.

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