Thor: The Dark World

2011’s Thor was a welcome addition to the superhero movie genre. Some characters from that first movie, Thor and Loki, also appeared in The Avengers: a decent superhero ensemble flick in its own right. Now there is this follow up movie which focuses solely on Thor again. Drawing inspiration from the original Marvel comic, Thor:…


The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort was released in 2006 after spending nearly two years in prison. Being incarcerated for stock swindling, he was left with plenty of time to write his memoirs. His autobiographical writings are the basis for this recent crime comedy directed by Martin Scorsese. The Wolf of Wall Street has both been praised and criticised for its depiction of events. One thing is for sure: the fifth collaboration between Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, who portrays Jordan Belfort, is an entertaining ride.



Every once in a while you come across a movie that is special enough that you tell everyone to go and see it. Gravity is such a movie.



This summer was filled with major science fiction blockbusters. However, disappointments like Oblivion and Pacific Rim left me with little hope that any good original science fiction would hit the theaters this year. Luckily I was proven wrong, twice in fact. The second one will be the subject of an other post. Let’s first take a look at Elysium by Neil Blomkamp who was also responsible for District 9.


The Lone Ranger

I was (involuntarily) exposed to the first trailer of The Lone Ranger multiple times – prior to other movie showings – and was not particularly impressed. The prospect of Johnny Depp as a kind of Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) in the desert did not seem at all appealing. Regarding the Pirates movies: as…


Pacific Rim

In Pacific Rim the world has to deal with giant monsters crawling out of the sea. These ugly creatures, referred to as Kaiju, enter the bottom of the Earth’s oceans using portals connected to some other dimension. Conventional human weapons proved ineffective against them. Hence, mankind developed a new answer: giant fighting robots. And thus, we have the ingredients for a summer blockbuster.


Star Trek into Darkness

2009 saw a revamped action-oriented reboot of the Star Trek franchise helmed by J.J. Abrahams (of Lost fame). This year it is time for a sequel. Indeed, all the main characters of the 2009 film return, and of course: a new film calls for a new villain, one that will take us into darkness.


The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway, a writer turned bond salesman, moves to New York. He rents a small house near a bay and starts regularly visiting his niece Daisy. She lives together with her (cheating) husband on the opposite side of the bay. Shortly after moving, Nick catches glimpses of his mysterious neighbor: Gatsby. He is well known for holding lavish parties at his mansion. One day Gatsby invites Nick to also attend one of these parties. The two men like each other’s company and become friends. Nick is impressed by Gatsby’s many elaborate stories. Though, there is one story that Gatsby did not openly share: his parties are intended to attract Daisy, Nick’s cousin. Gatsby had a relationship with her a long time ago and has remained in love with her throughout the years.


World War Z

Fans of zombies rejoice: Word War Z is here, based on the book with the same name. These aren’t the rather slowish zombies seen in The Walking Dead, instead they orally tackle – there’s no clearer way to say it – their prey. Director Marc Foster takes us on a roller coaster ride through an aggressive and immediate viral zombie outbreak, borrowing some elements from 28 Days Later in the process.


Kapringen (A Hijacking)

The Danish film Kapringen starts off with the ring tone of a satellite phone. Mikkel, who works as a cook on a small cargo boat, tells his wife, on the other end of the line, that he will be home two days later than planned. Although she is disappointed, the conversation remains casual and the delay seems more of a nuisance rather than being of any real significance. Little do we know at that point that the two day delay will extend to months, and that this is the last time a casual phone-home conversation will be held over that particular satellite phone.